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Bearings pass around the world endurance test

01 December 2014

To celebrate 30 years of iglidur materials and the 50th birthday of the company, igus has retrofitted a car’s conventional bearings with iglidur plain bearings and circumnavigated the globe, demonstrating the durable and robust nature of iglidur materials in some harsh environments, from dirt tracks to wet and humid locations.

 In total, 56 bearing points were replaced with iglidur components – in applications such as the windscreen wipers, brake pedal, seat adjusters and throttle valves – which none have failed or been replaced.

"50% of igus bearings produced are now used in cars. The iglidur car is a great testament to how igus parts are already being used in different bearing points throughout a vehicle,” said Matthew Aldridge, managing director, igus. "With 40 standard iglidur materials, ranging from iglidur X for corrosive environments to iglidur J260 for plastic shafts, we offer the world’s broadest range of friction-optimised polymer plain bearings.”

The self-lubricating iglidur bearings provide a more efficient solution for car designers looking for dirt and chemical resistant bearings that operate more quietly than their metallic counterparts. Car seat applications are a good example where there has been a migration from metal on metal to metal on plastic to fully plastic; the noise damping and quiet running properties of iglidur bearings, which take a high static load, are beneficial to the driver’s comfort. In addition, iglidur bearings are up to seven times lighter than metal counterparts, thus reducing the overall weight of the car and helping save fuel.