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Hygienic design HDV & HDP

31 January 2018

Low-backlash planetary gearboxes with an output shaft or flange in hygienic design. Reliable and efficient cleaning of the gearbox is a key feature.

The HDV and HDP gearboxes give designers unprecedented degrees of freedom to develop machines that meet the most exacting requirements for hygienic and sterile production processes. Reliable and efficient cleaning of the gearbox is a key feature of this EHEDG certified series.

The Hygienic Design planetary gearbox HDV is the world‘s first planetary gearbox to be certified by the EHEDG. Safe, direct integration in the process is now a reality. In addition to Hygienic Design gearbox HDV with output shaft we now offer the gearbox HDP with output flange. Benefits include optimal sealing properties suited for hygienic production, fast efficient and reliable cleaning, high pressure cleaning possible depending on the operating environment and special hygienic steel affords excellent resistance to corrosion. 

Corrosion protection is vitally important for quality and maintenance optimised production to meet the rising worldwide demand for industrial cleaning technology. Our corrosion resistant and hygienic design products allow hygienic and sterile automation close to the process.

Our drive solutions provide innovative, incomparable alternatives for applications in corrosive environments. The whole gearbox portfolio of WITTENSTEIN  is available in corrosion resistant design. Corrosion resistant couplings and shrink discs made of stainless steel complete the hygienic drive train.