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Smooth operation in waste water treatment facility

18 September 2012

In water works and waste water treatment facilities, pumps often have to process a great amount of liquid. High-performance drives are therefore necessary for smooth operation. In such applications, drive units are often subject to extreme environmental conditions, and must be designed accordingly.

At a waste water treatment plant in Tunis, drive technology that is nearly 30 years old is being replaced by drive technology from NORD. This is slightly more cost-intensive than comparable alternatives, however it requires considerably less maintenance – minimising operating costs and optimising plant availability. NORD uses a high-quality synthetic long-life lubricant for the helical shaft gear units, which withstands the ambient temperatures considerably better than mineral oil. Two helical shaft gear units with a 132kW performance from NORD’s SK 12382VZ series are installed at the waste water treatment plant. They are combined with Siemens motors via IEC adapters. NORD’s helical shaft gear units are available as two- or three-stage basic types with hollow or solid shafts, in foot mounted, flange mounted, or face mounted versions – each with the same housing. Suitable for integration into limited installation spaces, they can be combined with many components from the modular NORD system.