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Minimises machine tool damage

19 February 2016

Suitable for protecting a wide range of structures from overload damage, the new measuring pin from Kistler with has a diameter of just 8mm and weight of only 34g.

The new piezoelectric strain sensor can be easily installed in any position to monitor the forces in a structure to warn of impending failure due to overload conditions. The small size and weight allows retro-fitting to existing installations without introducing measurement error.

Sensitive to transverse forces, the new sensor is a cylindrical pin designed to be mounted in an 8 mm borehole of any depth and orientation to allow the measuring element to be placed precisely at the point where the greatest strain occurs.

The integrated clamping system preloads the sensor in the borehole enabling the measurement of both tensile and compressive forces in the machine structure. The basic range of the sensor is 500 micro-strains (µƐ) which may be offset by introducing the following preload forces;

  • Preload 510N – 0 to 500 µƐ
  • Preload 850N – 140 to 350 µƐ
  • Preload 1190N – -285 to 210 µƐ

The new Type 9240A measuring pin has been designed to provide the best possible solution for monitoring forces acting on the structure of a machine to provide reliable and precise, real time data for overload protection of the machine and tooling.

For continuous monitoring applications, the force measuring pin may be used in combination with the Kistler maXYmos monitoring system to signal when pre-set limit values of force are exceeded to ensure the safety and reliability of both machines and tools. Where needed, the maXYmos system can provide a signal to automatically shut down an operation when tool failure is likely.