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Increase safe outputs

19 April 2016

Now it's possible to easily increase in the number of safe outputs within a system using Murrelektronik's combined solution: the modular Cube67 fieldbus system and the safe fieldbus module MVK Metal Safety. This saves space in the cabinet because safety relays are no longer necessary.

If there is an emergency on the shop floor outputs have to be switched off immediately. Combining safety relays with K3 fieldbus modules is an easy method to achieve safe outputs. This is a practical solution for smaller applications with basic requirements.

In order to design an installation solution based on Cube67 that meets the highest safety requirements, a combination of the compact and safe fieldbus module MVK Metal Safety with Cube67 K3 modules is an excellent solution. With the safe outputs of MVK Metal Safety - controlled by a PROFINET/PROFIsafe controller - it is possible to create up to 12 safe outputs on the K3 module. They are split into two safety circuits, each with three ports that have dual functions. This multiplies the number of safe outputs and is a simple and efficient method to increase the competitiveness of your machines and systems.