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Premium power

24 April 2017

Guaranteeing premium energy supply solutions for machines and systems, Murrelektronik's Emparro system consists of efficient switching power supplies, reliable buffer modules and effective filters.

Seamless diagnostics over signal contacts allows the system to communicate the to the control system via diagnostics. If downtimes or power failures occur, these faults can be easily pinpointed and fixed quickly.

The Emparro system components work perfectly with one another because they were developed to perform together down to the last detail and jointly tested. Compatibility is not a problem for the Emparro system.

Murrelektronik's Emparro power supplies, available in single- and three-phase version, are remarkably reliable. Built with only premium components, the device has a high MTBF value of up to 1,000,000 hours. High efficiency of up to 95 percent also plays a role in the system's long service life.

Integrated power reserves enable Emparro power supplies to be exceptionally powerful. They feature boost functions that effortlessly switching larger loads. The Power Boost function provides up to 150 percent power for up to five seconds, the Hyper Boost function up to as much as 400 percent for 20 ms.

In addition, the power supplies take up the minimum amount of space in the controls cabinet. They’ve been designed very compactly, saving valuable and expensive space in the cabinet. Integrated protection devices also minimize planning and installation work.

The highlight of the Emparro 3~ 40 A version is a predictive maintenance function. It notifies the user when it is best to replace the power supply unit. Not too early, because long service life is important, but not too late either, in order to avoid expensive downtimes and long troubleshooting periods.

Emparro Cap buffer modules ensure system stability. They safeguard industrial processes and act as a reliable stopgap when grid power failures occur. Time-consuming and costly downtimes during production processes are thus avoided. The buffer module covers grid fluctuations and power cuts of up to one second, even at peak 20 A load. Buffer modules often already pay for themselves the first time they avoid a production downtime.

Emparro MEF filters, with integrated overvoltage limiting, ensure maximum EMC reliability in the Emparro system. These one-stage filters ensure that even the most stringent EMC standards for power supply systems are exceeded by far. They prevent any electromagnetic interference as well as any negative impact on machines and plants. The filters are bi-directional, from the external grid to the power supply system and vice-versa. They form a key component of the 'Zero Emission Concept', according to which electromagnetic interference is virtually excluded.