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Adapter makes straight connectors angled

23 October 2017

Motion plastics specialist igus has developed an innovative adapter that turns a straight circular connector into an angled one.

In just a few steps, the new ibow adapter can be installed during assembly or retrofitted on existing cables – with no need to remove the connectors. It is fitted easily by sliding it on, bending the cable, fixing it with a tie-wrap and then it is ready to use.

With this simple injection moulded part, igus allows flexible connection of cables to any machine, and the angle of connection is freely selectable, even if already connected. Up to 35 percent cost saving is possible as the machine builder or service technician needs only a straight circular connector, which are considerably cheaper than their angled counterparts. However, in addition to the price saving there is also cost savings through reduced labour to fit the connector and fewer types of connectors needed in stock.

Depending on the customer's requirements, igus supplies the ibow as an individual part, or already harnessed together with the appropriate cables. Users can also specify the desired colour coding or add additional individual labels, which helps prevent cabling errors.