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All-in-one control and monitoring of quarter-turn valves

13 October 2020

FEATURING CONTACT construction and easy mounting, the new MVQ201 valve sensor from ifm electronic not only evaluates the valve position to the nearest degree, but also has an integral M12 connection that can be used for connecting the pneumatic actuator solenoid.

In use, the MVQ201 sensor continually monitors the valve position and makes the position data available to the control system via an IO-Link interface. The sensor can also be programmed to detect changes, such as increased opening and closing times, which might indicate valve faults or blockages, and to report these changes via IO-Link. This makes it an ideal choice for use in condition-based maintenance applications.

Conventional valve-open and valve-closed switching outputs are provided and can be set for normally open or normally closed operation. The valve positions corresponding to the open and closed states can be readily programmed with a convenient one-click auto-teach function. MVQ201 sensors also incorporate a clearly visible status LED that shows the valve position at a glance.

Suitable for use with valves having shafts up to 35 mm in diameter as standard, MVQ201 valve position sensors have an IP65/IP67 protection rating and an operating temperature range of -25 to +70 ºC. A range of accessory mounting adaptors is available to further simplify installation and to accommodate larger diameter valve shafts.