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Next-generation distance sensor

26 October 2022

COMBINING HIGH-precision reliability with outstanding economy to deliver a versatile ‘all-rounder’ for multiple applications in factory automation and intralogistics, SICK has launched its next-generation OD2000 distance sensor.

The standalone and compact SICK OD2000 has been developed to provide a universal product family with minimal variants, while making configuration and parameterisation ‘plug and play’. With IO-Link as standard, the SICK OD2000 offers highly-versatile machine integration possibilities, while providing for diagnostics and condition monitoring.

With a large measuring range up to 1200mm, as well as a measuring frequency of up to 7.5kHz, the OD2000 is suited to wide-ranging positioning and quality control tasks in automated production and assembly, including robotics. Using its high-precision triangulation measurement principle, the unit achieves high repeatability and linearity, and it can detect the smallest differences in height, even in the micrometre range. 

With five different measuring ranges between 25 and 1,200 mm, the SICK OD2000 is ready to master any task, including demanding, high-speed measurement regardless of surface, diameter, thickness or width. It is can also solve challenging background suppression applications where precise distance differentiation or small hysteresis settings are required.

Useful for almost any industrial application, the price/performance advantages of the new SICK OD2000 family are expected to be especially welcomed by production teams, system integrators and machine builders working in electronics, automotive, metalworking production and consumer goods industries. For example, to provide level information on spools, coils & winding machines, double layer detection in sheet metal production or paper processing, or component checks in PCB processing.

The SICK OD2000 is ready to use out-of-the-box with widely-useable default settings. The on-sensor OLED display makes parameterisation and adjustment quick and easy. Alternatively, set up via SICK’s SOPAS software has been enhanced with a new graphical user interface and a QUICK SET menu. Together with direct parameterisation via IO-Link, this is especially useful when mounting in hard-to-reach locations. Using IO-Link to access existing data also makes it easy to replace a sensor, should this be necessary, reducing machine downtime and preventing incorrect settings.

Seamless integration versatility underlines the SICK OD2000’s all-round usefulness. The OD2000 can send both adjustable analog output (mA/V) and digital output signals. Smart point-to-point communication for Industry 4.0 integrations is enabled via the IO-Link interface, which also means the signal transmission and power supply can use a single cable. With IO-Link, the OD2000 can output process and diagnostic data for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

“With the OD2000, SICK has introduced a brand new displacement measurement family that can be relied on by production teams to assure precision performance and consistent process quality, whatever the application,” says David Hannaby, SICK’s UK product manager for presence detection.

“The universal concept will help to minimise inventories and ensure efficient ordering and delivery. The OD2000 is mounted in an instant and set up is completed in next to no time. Machine builders will particularly welcome the OD2000’s integration flexibility and communications versatility.”