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Automation24 celebrates 10 years

05 July 2021

FOUNDED TEN years ago, Automation24 began as a start-up in May 2011 and quickly grew into an internationally active company. Today, the online shop for automation technology serves more than 100,000 customers, in ten European countries and the USA.

"The coronavirus pandemic did not damage our business," says Katharina Messerschmidt, managing director (marketing, sales and HR) at Automation24. "Together with our subsidiary in the USA, we managed to generate an increase in turnover of 19 % over the past year."

Complete automation technology product range

Automation professionals can currently find around 6,000 products from more than 40 brand manufacturers at automation24.co.uk. Product lines range from sensor systems, process instrumentation, control systems and drive technology, to industrial communication technology, measuring & regulation technology, control & signalling devices, and enclosures / control cabinets.

"This year, with the addition of Endress + Hauser, we have taken the first step towards expanding our product range in the area of process instrumentation," says Messerschmidt. "Within this context, services are also to be expanded further. In doing so, we are holding firm to our strategy and steering clear of the use of branches and on-site sales representatives.

As a 100% online shop, Automation24 offers its customers technical support via telephone, email, Live Chat, Microsoft Teams and remote support via TeamViewer. When putting together its product range, the company places value on maintaining high availability and fast shipping. All products are available from Automation24, offering great value for money from the very first item, even with the smallest of purchase volumes.

About Automation24

Automation24 has specialised in the Internet mail order business. The complete range of automation technology products incorporates around 6,000 brand-name items in areas such as sensor systems, process instrumentation, control systems, drive technology, industrial communication technology, measurement & regulation technology, industrial luminaires, measuring & regulation equipment, control & signalling devices, power supply, enclosures / control cabinets, work tools, and connection technology. All products are available from Automation24, offering exceptional value for money from the very first item, even with the smallest purchase volumes.