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Time Saving Assembly & Versatile Application

22 October 2012

Aimed at panel builders and OEMs looking to reduce costs, Rittal’s latest RiLine60 busbar system is said to combine contemporary design and outstanding safety technology.

Adaptable for use with products from all leading manufacturers of distribution and control gear, the system features timesaving assembly, versatile application and individual modularity.

Thanks to the modular design, the adaptor mounting plates can be fitted quickly, allowing powerconnections to circuit breakers and contactors.

Design improvements mean that the integrated step mechanisms for adapting to the flat bar cross-section can now be locked using pins.

Engineers have the flexibility to insert flat copper bars retained in a holder from the front, or slide them in from the side.

Creating holes by simply knocking out perforations permits the simple, tool-free introduction of round conductors and laminated copper bars. A specially incorporated anti-slip guard also guarantees that the OM (One Move) component adapter holds securely in any position. Installation on 4-pole busbar systems is ensured by adjusting the adapter section.

With power ratings of up to 1600A and 3 and 4 pole versions available, Rittal’s RiLine60 is flexible for today’s demanding applications, such as the process industry, where down time is critical.