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DIN Mountable For Durability & Connectivity Speed

02 November 2012

Available from specialist distributor Switchtec, Euroclamp’s SVR-DR terminal blocks are DIN mountable, meeting the needs of many panel builders and OEMs.

The terminal blocks enable quick, ‘plug-in’ connections to be made that are simultaneously solid and vibration free, mounted on DIN rail.

Whilst there are many of plug in terminal blocks available, most are not DIN mountable, alternatively they are DIN rail mount mountable, but not plug in. Accordingly, Euroclamp’s ‘vertical reversed’ SVR- DR has found a niche market in electronic housings and enclosure equipment manufacturers who required a wire-to-wire connection via a DIN rail mounted terminal block.

Offering compatibility and familiarity, the SVR-DR is designed to be plugged into Euroclamp’s SF plug in connector. The SF has an inverted mounting system that has male contacts thus allowing the SF to connect directly and easily to the SVR-SR, providing the wire-to-wire connection. The SVR-DR can also be plugged into Euroclamp’s PV PCB connector if a PCB connection is needed. An EN60335 (glow wire) version is also available.

SVR-DR’s DIN foot can be fitted to DIN rail of the following sizes, 35 x 7.5mm, 35 x 15mm and onto DIN 32 and DIN 15 rail. The terminal block is available in sizes from 2 to 24 poles and will accept 4sq mm solid and 2.5mm2 stranded wire.