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Compact & efficient DIN rail power supplies

31 October 2013

Offering 'best in class' features in terms of efficiency and compact size, TDK-Lambda has introduced two new series of DIN rail power supplies.

The DRB series is for low power applications that require low cost, basic functionality, while the DRF series is for medium power applications that require advanced control features.

DRB series

Designed to support the growing trend for simple and economic DIN power solutions in industrial, building automation and process control applications, the DRB series combines low cost and extremely compact dimensions with industry leading efficiency of up to 91%. No load power consumption is between <0.3W and <0.5W, depending on the model type.

The supplies operate from a universal input of 85~264Vac and have EN61000-3-2 compliance, enabling worldwide use; moreover, they can withstand voltage of 300Vac surge for 5 seconds. The DRB series is available with 4 output power levels ranging from 15 – 100W and nominal output voltages of 5V, 12-15V, 24V or 48Vdc.

The supplies can operate at full load over a wide temperature range of -10 to +55°C (+70°C for 15W model). Typical ripple and noise is below 40mV and a green LED indicates DC OK. Other features include over current and over voltage protection, and a hold-up time of up to 20 ms at 100Vac input voltage, full load.

DRF series

Operating from a universal input of 85 to 265Vac (47-63Hz) with active power factor correction to ensure EN61000-3-2 compliance, the convection-cooled DRF series meet demands for a wide range of applications, including those found in industrial equipment, building automation and process control.

"A premium medium power family, the DRF series combines careful thermal design and excellent efficiency,” says Martin Southam, director of marketing, TDK-Lambda EMEA. "With an average active efficiency of over 87% and low standby power consumption (below 0.5W to 0.75W depending on the model), this series is perfect for customers working to Eco-Design guidelines and seeking compact high efficiency products.”

There are three 24Vdc models in the TDK-Lambda DRF family; the DRF120-24-1 (5A), DRF240-24-1 (10A) and DRF480-24-1 (20A). With a 150% peak power capability for 4 seconds and steady constant current characteristic, the DRF is ideal for range of challenging loads found in automation applications.