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High power in miniature format

05 July 2022

HONGFA'S HF18FH, part of the Hongfa Plug in relay range, is a 6 Amp 4 Pole miniature high power relay operating from an AC or DC supplies.

Hongfa has improved the HF18FH from the industry standard 5 Amp 250VAC/30VDC to an improved 6 Amp 250VAC/30VDC. This relay enables manufacturers and end users to use a small, high-power relay where a greater switching current is needed or preferred.

Alongside the improved 6 Amp rated contacts, the relay boasts built in LED, Lockable Test Button and Mechanical Flag Indicator.

Hongfa has also taken the opportunity to change the colour of the relay case, from a translucent smoked brown colour to a more aesthetically pleasing clear transparent case. This enables the operator to clearly see the Relays switching contact and the internal LED and Mechanical flag indicator.

The forementioned LED has also been improved, Hongfa have moved away from a polarity sensitive LED to an LED which will operate on both the positive and negative terminals. Previously the relay needed to be wired with the correct terminal arrangement for the LED to operate. With the new relay either terminal can be used allowing greater flexibility to the installer.

The LED along with the Mechanical test button is colour coded, Red LED with Orange Test Button for AC Coils and a Green LED with Blue Test Button for DC Coils.

Aimed at OEMs, CEMs, panel builders and equipment manufacturers, the HF18HF is suitable for a diverse range of applications such as control panels, pumping applications, lift manufacturers, stair lifts and vending machines.

The relay measures just 37.0 x 21.5 x 28mm, and three versions of the relay are available: a 7A 2 Pole DPDT, a 7A 3 Pole 3PDT, and a 6A 4 Pole 4PDT with full terminal compatibility with industry standard sockets. Exhibiting versatility, the HF18FH is available with coil voltages of 6, 12, 24 VDC, 6, 12, 24, 110 and 230VAC.

The high-performance relay features a 1500V dielectric strength (between coils and contacts) and a coil power of 1W & 1.5VA.

To compliment the range there are three styles of socket available. The 18FF-4Z-C7, 18FF-4Z-C4 and the 18FF-4Z-C5 sockets which have available accessories including ejector &/or retaining clip and Marking Tag. Also available is an eight-way jumper link, LED & suppression modules, and PCB sockets.

Approved to UL/CSA and TUV, CE & UKCA the fully RoHS compliant HF18FH relay joins the Hongfa family of industrial relays to complete and complement the range

The ongoing process of improving products is part of Hongfa’s core beliefs, Hongfa have drawn on its considerable expertise in relay manufacturing to develop the improved HF18FH power relay.

All versions of the Hongfa HF18FH are available ex stock from Switchtec.