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Get started with IO-Link on the PLC

05 March 2020

SICK is holding a series of hands-on training days to help machine builders and end-users progress on their Industry 4.0 journey by unlocking valuable data from IO-Link sensors via a PLC. During the one-day course, delegates will learn, step-by-step, how to set up an IO-Link Master to enable sensors to communicate data with a PLC.

By the end of the course, “Getting Started with IO-Link on Your PLC”, delegates will be able to control and monitor sensors from the PLC and collect data which can be used to increase plant efficiency and productivity.  Current available course dates are March 4, April 2 and May 7, or alternatively on-site training can be arranged on an individual company basis.

The practical course is being held at SICK’s UK headquarters in St Albans.  Designed to complement the launch of SICK’s SIG200 Sensor Integration Gateway, a SICK IO-Link Master Starter Kit including the SIG200, will be provided to each company completing the course.

SICK UK Product Specialist, Charlie Walker who will lead the training, said: “IO-Link has been a breakthrough technology that helps joins the dots for industrial processes on the road to Industry 4.0.  Using an IO-Link Master provides an opportunity for production teams to gain visibility to a wealth of information from sensors that simply wasn’t accessible previously.

“Industry 4.0 can seem a big and daunting subject, but this course will show just how simple it is to have greater access to, and control of, valuable data on-board IO-Link sensors.  By the end of the course, you will be able to write a program to control multiple sensors via the PLC and receive data that can be used to monitor their performance and enable simple replacement.”

The day will include demonstrations of an IO-Link Master installation.  The course will cover installation of sensors on the PLC and communicating basic I/O as well as how to use Function Blocks to control and access service data on-board the sensors.  A hands-on session will then enable delegates to develop their own program for sensor control, quality control and predictive maintenance.

SICK’s IO-Link Master Starter Kit contains everything needed to set up an application with SICK’s SIG200 Sensor Integration Gateway. The kit includes the SIG200, IMC Proximity Sensor, WLG16 photoelectric sensor and reflector, cabling and accessories together with SICK’s SOPAS ET and FieldEcho software.  Step by step guidance is provided for a quick-start configuration of a simple application using the IO-Link Master.

To register visit https://s.sick.com/gb-IOLink-Training