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Fast & secure remote maintenance platform

10 August 2020

New from KEB Automation is COMBIVIS CONNECT, a hardware and software solution that provides users with a fast, secure remote access maintenance platform for industrial machines and automation systems.

The concept of remote maintenance offers many advantages and opportunities, including not having to expose your employees and customers to unnecessary risks – which is a particular challenge in the current global coronavirus pandemic. Remote maintenance can remove the need to travel to machines or plant equipment and therefore saves time and travel costs. Technical experts can also provide support more quickly. Remote maintenance solutions make it easier to access devices from a different location, for example, during commissioning, maintenance work, troubleshooting and machine status analysis. The prerequisite for this is a two-way secure Internet connection.

COMBIVIS connect from KEB is a fast, secure remote maintenance platform that ensures optimal service conditions in modern automation systems. Via secure end-to-end connections, the centrally managed devices are available at short notice and without local presence – anytime and from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, regular data recording ensures transparent presentation of machine data, which enables best possible analysis and supports continuous improvements.

The C6 router from KEB is a specially developed VPN router for remote maintenance of machines and systems at remote locations. KEB offers two hardware variants. Users have the option of either a direct WAN connection or C6 routers with wireless connection via any GSM network.

Integrated development environment

COMBIVIS CONNECT CONTROL CENTER is designed to carry out remote maintenance as simply as possible without great expense, to access domains, manage users and their rights and to register devices. The software is simply installed on the corresponding PCs of the colleagues concerned.

COMBIVIS CONNECT RUNTIME contains the installed and executing components on the remote C6 devices. This is what monitors and controls the automatic process and makes the end-to-end VPN connection possible.

CONTROL CENTER and RUNTIME connections are configured as outgoing connections which are acknowledged as secure and therefore acceptable according to firewall guidelines.

COMBIVIS CONNECT SERVER INFRASTRUCTURE enables communication between the CONTROL CENTER and RUNTIME. Communication is reliably created and managed by the redundant server infrastructure. The latest safety standards guarantee maximum data protection.

COMBIVIS CONNECT DOMAIN virtually reproduces the customer account in order to be able to use all services and own infrastructures of the KEB remote maintenance solution. KEB stores COMBIVIS CONNECT DOMAIN in a structured fashion in a cloud. This architecture ensures maximum data security and continuity of service. Users can start the CONTROL CENTER independently of their current location and access remote machines. The cloud does not store any project data but using background execution programs deals with the registration and management of devices, users, user groups and authorisation profiles.


  • Remote management of KEB devices on which COMBIVIS CONNECT is installed.
  • Programming, fault search and update of projects working on remote devices in the same sub-network.
  • Creates a VPN connection between an operator PC and the remote device by activation of the sub-network access.
  • Securely protected VPN at data link layer level.
  • Direct file exchange between local PC and remote device.
  • Activates safety processes with end-to-end sessions without intermediary.
  • Redundant and distributed server architecture guarantees reliability and transmission stability.
  • Multi-client functionality supports several simultaneous connections of different observers.
  • Full compatibility with existing firewalls.

For more information on COMBIVIS connect, please visit www.keb.co.uk