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KELLER products aid in overcoming the COVID-19 crisis

01 September 2020

KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik was contacted by many leading medical equipment manufacturing companies who required high quality pressure measurement solutions for ventilators and monitoring medical gases during the coronavirus pandemic.

Oxygen is the most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and the second most common of the Earth’s elements as a whole. Without oxygen, humans cannot survive and health professionals cannot save lives.

At the height of the spread of coronavirus many governments required thousands of ventilators and new temporary hospitals.

Ventilators can offer the best chance of survival for hospitalised patients suffering from the worst effects of coronavirus. The coronavirus can cause a patient’s lungs to stop working so a ventilator is used to take over the breathing process, giving the patient time to fight off coronavirus.

Temporary hospitals were constructed quickly and needed to have many of the same features of standard hospitals, including fixed medical gas outlets, such as oxygen supply at each of the patient’s beds.

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of isolated pressure transducers and transmitters, KELLER was able to provide all requested solutions promptly. KELLER efficiently met this high demand due to many years of experience, the desire for new challenges and by having a positive mind-set. All of these qualities make KELLER the go-to pressure sensor company for many years now.

The variety of KELLER products that have so far been used to tackle the current crisis is diverse. Some recent examples are:

  • Series 9L or Series 23SY for use in respirators.
  • LEO2 for surveillance of medical gases.
  • Series 41X for function checks of ventilator accessories.
  • Series 21Y for condition monitoring of oxygen bottles and other medical gases.
  • Non-encapsulated, oil and grease free sensors for oxygen applications.