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Leak-Free Gear Pumps For OEM Applications

31 October 2012

Saving space and reducing weight are often among the key challenges facing machine builders and designers.

When the application involves high- precision liquids transfer there is a range of ultra-compact external gear pumps which provides engineers with an effective solution for just about any OEM liquids transfer requirement.

Available from Michael Smith Engineers, the Micropump range of external gear pumps comprises nine series of pumps. These cover flow rates from as low as ml/hr, up to 40lit/min at maximum discharge pressures between 5.2 and 8.5bar, depending on model and fluid.

This range of pumps, combined with the variety of available options, allows users to specify a pump which is tailored specifically to their application. For example, high system pressure versions are available for pumping liquids in high pressure applications. Also, the pumps are available in a choice of metallurgies including stainless steel and Hastelloy, while a range of different gear materials can be specified to best suit the liquid being pumped and/or the duty parameters. Pumps can also be supplied with different porting arrangements.

All models have magnet drives so the risks of process fluids leaking are eliminated, ensuring that operators have the benefits of reduced environmental, health and safety and chemical handling issues.