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Machine status reporting

06 March 2023

DISTRIBUTED BY Switchtec, Sirena’s Automax range of signalling towers are an essential component in the production process, control, and industrial automation.

Commonly used to report the status of a machine or process to operators, technicians, and production manager, they help increase in productivity and enable better management of machine failures.

Reliability, efficiency, and ease of installation are the key factors that operators demand from a signal tower and Sirena has met those needs with the Automax range.

The Automax signalling columns are available in three sizes 35mm, 50mm and 70mm diameter and come in either round or elliptical shape. The different sizes and the IP66 high degree of protection make them a solution applicable in many different production environments: large plants with the need for visible signalling from a distance and industrial areas where personnel work near machines or heavy industries.

The Automax offers further versatility thanks to the numerous mounting solutions, including wall brackets and extensions of different lengths and materials (TWS accessories).  The latest multifunction LED technology allows you to manage different lighting effects – continuous or flashing. There is also the option to add an acoustic signal by simply inserting the acoustic module in the combination.

The basic principle of any light tower is to provide a quick visual indication, warning or notification. Most light towers are pre-assembled and have to be ordered in the required colour sequence, voltage and illumination type and are manufactured as a complete item. The Automax is available in both modular and preassembled versions.

Sirena’s Automax range provides flexibility to customers, stockists and distributors by the use of a modular system.  The customer simply orders the colours they need, output type (flashing or continuous), then by use of Sirena’s simple assembly mechanism, stack the colour modules in the order required.

Available from Switchtec ex-stock and Switchtec field sales engineers are available to provide product selection and general design assistance.