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Minature pump and control package

30 August 2022

A NEW miniature positive displacement pump with integrated control electronics which offers flexibility in a small, lightweight package, is the latest innovation from miniature fluid control specialists The Lee Company.

Minimising size and maximising performance with leading fluid control technology is Lee’s speciality and this new pump expands the established and unique range of miniature radial piston designed displacement pumps.

The pump enables users to exploit the benefits of self-priming at altitude whilst reducing the risks of cavitation combined with full variable speed control and unparalleled flexibility and easy installation into fluid handling systems. In addition, intelligence is built into the pump module to provide operational feedback such as pump speed, motor current and fault monitoring.

Thanks to their qualification to numerous aerospace specifications, applications would typically be wherever miniature fuel pumps need to withstand the harshest environments that aerospace fuel systems are exposed to. In addition to fuel transfer, other applications would be; in unmanned aerial systems, auxiliary power units, generators, lubrication and cooling systems.

Performance and features include; a high-efficiency brushless DC servo motor running on 12-36 VDC supply voltage, operating temperatures ranging from 4ºC to 100ºC, pressures up to 100 psid, flows up to 235 pounds per hour (0.52 USGPM). They are compatible with most fuels and petroleum based fluids to ensure high performance and quality in a small, lightweight package.