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New AI vision sensor

01 December 2022

WITH THE latest member of its VISOR® family, SensoPart is making vision applications even easier. Thanks to the artificial intelligence bundled in the 'Classification (AI)' detector, the VISOR® Object AI independently learns distinguishing characteristic features based on a few images of the object to be detected.

Even strong process and product variations such as fluctuations between batches, contamination, reflections, changing shapes or varying 3D orientation can be taught with just a few mouse clicks. It’s then able to reliably recognize the objects appearing in front of the lens and assign them to different classes. Iit typically only needs around five sample images per object class to sufficiently achieve a stable detection process. The AI ​​algorithm is implemented in the sensor itself and therefore does not require any network or cloud connections.

The application possibilities of SensoPart's new AI vision sensor are wide ranging. In automobile production, it can differentiate between component variants and determine whether the appropriate variant is available for a specific vehicle equipment. When flexible, shape-changing objects such as spiral springs or plastic bags are fed in, it detects wrong parts or incorrect positions.

Compared to classic detectors, the AI ​​vision sensor can solve such tasks with significantly reduced setup effort and increased process stability. The user saves time because he does not have to create a logical link between several detectors.

The VISOR® Object AI makes image processing easier than ever. With artificial intelligence, the new vision sensor can be set up in just a few steps - without any expert knowledge.