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New microstepping drive range with multiple communication options

20 September 2018

Applied Motion Products’ new STF series open loop stepper drives feature industrial Ethernet, CANopen and Modbus protocols. Available with full support from the UK motion control specialists Mclennan, STF series open loop microstepping drives are designed for optimal use where machine builders and OEMs prefer to integrate industrial Ethernet or other industry standard fieldbus protocols into automation control systems.

These intelligent drives offer a choice of interfaces that include EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, CANopen, Modbus, Ethernet (UDP & TCP), and RS-485.

Various operational modes, dependent on the communication interface, include the ability to stream motion commands from the host controller or store complete programs which can be host controlled for multiple axis synchronisation. Furthermore, a compliment of 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs provide local control of machine functions.  All STF drives include dual-port communications to enable daisy-chain connections for multiple drives, HMIs or other connected devices back to the host controller.

STF series microstepping drives are available in three power versions covering up to 3.0, 6.0 and 10.0 A/phase. AMP’s well proven drive architecture includes advanced current control with anti-resonance and torque ripple smoothing that will ensure maximum performance and optimal power over a wide speed range. The drives suit compatible NEMA microstepping motors (two-phase, bipolar) from size 8 to size 34 – available from Mclennan. The panel mounted STF series includes protection for short circuit, over & under voltage, and over temperature.  For installation convenience, all are DC powered – 12...48 VDC for the 3 A and 6 A versions and 24…70 VDC for the 10 A version.

STF series stepper drives are designed for accurate, open-loop control of step motors. For applications where an encoder may be required for position verification, Mclennan can offer AMP’s ST series stepper drives. Where full closed-loop control of a microstepping motor is demanded, AMP’s competitively priced stepSERVOtm products offer proven performance with increased torque, higher acceleration and ultimately better throughput than traditional step motor systems. Both ST and StepSERVO drive series cover a full range of fieldbus and communications interfaces

Mclennan supplies and fully supports the comprehensive range of AMP stepper and servo based motion control products. Complete specifications for the STF series are available on Mclennan’s website here – For other information email Mclennan at sales@mclennan.co.uk  or visit the website at www.mclennan.co.uk.