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Simplifies conveying system design and build

04 May 2023

RECENTLY LAUNCHED by Applied Motion Products (AMP) and available from Mclennan, the new space-saving CSM34 Conveyor Smart Motor is a fully integrated, gearless, DC StepSERVO decentralised drive that simplifies conveying system design and build. An on-board control panel and status display makes configuration and real-time system monitoring straightforward.

Mounted directly on the conveyor, the all-in-one drive reduces machine wiring and removes the need for external motion control. Based on AMP’s well-proven StepSERVO technology, the CSM34 combines the high torque capabilities of a stepper motor with the dynamics and precision of a servo system. This compact, integrated drive is easily and quickly installed, and its 20,000-hour life will outlast traditional AC induction motors or brushless motor/gearhead combinations.

Available in a choice of two NEMA 34-frame stack lengths, the CSM34 has a maximum torque output up to 7.46Nm, two configurable speeds, on-the fly change of speed/direction, and additional I/O. The gearless, push-button controlled, long-life solution will manage and simplify a broad range of materials handling conveying applications in automated production and packaging machinery.

The CSM34 features a push-button control panel, a 5-segment status display, and a spring-loaded terminal strip. Operators simply configure up to two motor speed settings and acceleration/deceleration values – a motion simulation/jog facility is also provided as a useful set-up aid. The set parameters are then simply triggered via built-in optically isolated, differential inputs at 5-24V DC. The terminal strip also facilitates straightforward connection for alarm and in-position outputs at 30V DC/100mA. A cancel alarm input is also provided, and the status display additionally indicates a number of error codes.

The CSM34 requires a separate 24…75V DC power supply with respective torque performance (rated/peak) from around 5 to 7.5Nm and a usable speed range from 0 to 2000rpm – suitable power supplies are available from Mclennan. Datasheets covering the drive’s specifications and performance with torque curves for both versions are available from the Mclennan website as well as installation manuals and 2D/3D drawings.