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Next generation cycloidal gears

23 November 2020

DISTRIBUTED IN the UK by R.A. Rodriguez, the Nabtesco Neco series comprises state-of-the-art yet economical transmission solutions that deliver modular design combined with all-round corrosion protection. Offering easy and rapid installation, Neco cycloidal gear units can be adapted to suit all common servomotors.

Featuring a solid shaft, Neco precision cycloidal gears meet the specific needs of customers by setting new standards in design, efficiency and flexibility. Furthermore, the installation effort for the motor is reduced many times over as the alignment of the drive pinion is no longer necessary. A flexible system with modular bushings and flanges guarantees uncomplicated adaptation.

Offering high power density in an extremely compact envelope, this aesthetically stylish series comprises fully enclosed gear units based on precision gears from the RH-N series. RH-N gears carry a modern, clean design and provide maximum flexibility in the motor connection.

Nabtesco has also developed a new online process that simplifies configuration to help create a custom gearbox quickly and easily. By accessing the new configurator, customers will be guided intuitively to the right solution.

Currently, three sizes of Neco cycloidal geared units (25, 42 and 125 with maximum acceleration/deceleration torques of 612, 1029 and 3062 Nm respectively) are available from R.A. Rodriguez, with more sizes to follow. These sizes are ideal for a wide range of industry applications, including handling equipment such as SCARA or delta robots, packaging equipment, machine tools, food industry equipment, and medical imaging devices like X-ray, MRI and ultrasound machines, to list but a few.

Cycloidal gears are ideal for applications where backlash and positioning accuracy are critically important. These highly robust products not only offer long service life, but enable a reduction in ratios from 30:1 to more than 300:1 without additional pre-stages that are necessary in standard planetary gears. A further advantage in comparison with planetary gears is that cycloidal gears are more compact - around 50% shorter - and lighter.

Neco servo gearboxes achieve high precision with a hysteresis loss of only 0.5 arc.min, which is supported by a very robust design featuring dual-bearing eccentric shafts and a bearing-mounted input shaft. These geared units also offer high overload capacity and torsional rigidity. Even at high acceleration torques or under high loads, precisely controlled motions and pinpoint positioning is assured. Neco gearboxes can withstand shock loads of up to five times the rated torque.

Despite their sturdy engineering, Neco cycloidal gears are lightweight to meet the requirements of applications with lower inertia, improved load conditions and reduced power consumption. Indeed, the motor shaft is adapted by means of a radial clamping ring that reduces inertia by up to 39% to enable an extremely dynamic solution. User advantages include shorter cycle times, as well as higher productivity and efficiency.

With regard to corrosion protection, Nabtesco’s proprietary SSA coating provides optimal safeguarding, ensuring long life and low maintenance.

Innovative, powerful, economical and stylish, the plug and play Neco series by Nabtesco is setting new industry standards and redefining cycloidal gears. Combined with R. A. Rodriguez’s technical expertise and applications knowledge the new Neco gears compliment the comprehensive range of solutions the company offers for high end applications.