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Non-invasive temperature sensor

24 February 2020

ABB’s TSP341-N non-invasive temperature sensor offers a simpler and safer way of measuring process temperature without the need to shut down a pipeline, drill a hole, or install a thermowell.

With its innovative double sensor architecture and specially developed calculation algorithm, the TSP341-N greatly enhances safety and reduces installation costs without sacrificing the quality of the measurement.

The sensor is designed for surface measurement and eliminates the need for a thermowell, avoiding pro-cess intrusion altogether and greatly increasing the safety of people, plants, and the environment. As such, it can be used in a range of applications, including processes with hazardous media, special hygiene requirements and/or stringent cleaning requirements and high-pressure processes with high bending loads or use with abrasive media.

The non-invasive approach is inherently safe, compliant with safety standards, and simplifies environmental aspects. With the sensor able to be installed and maintained without shutting down a process, plant availability is improved and system costs are lowered, helping to reduce CAPEX costs by at least 30%.

The sensor uses innovative technology with proven components, such as standard insets widely utilized in industry. It has been developed through direct testing and feedback from key customers in the oil and gas, chemical, and food and beverage industries.

The device is suitable for different media and pipe diameters and can be used in all areas of the process industry and power generation. It has global approvals for explosion protection up to zone 0.