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More efficient planetary gear unit design

02 March 2023

STOBER HAS partnered with FVA-Workbench, the leading software solution for the calculation and parameter modelling of gear systems for faster, more efficient planetary gear unit design.

The introduction of this calculation and simulation software allows STOBER engineers to develop their innovative transmission solutions more quickly and efficiently, which results in more opportunities for bespoke design and higher quality products for customers.

Using the FVA-Workbench for the sizing and verification of their standard drives, STOBER can now create client-specific applications and custom gear units more easily. This means that they can meet a wide range of design goals, including load capacity, vibration, power loss, and efficiency.

Encompassing different dimensions and gear ratios, designing modular planetary gear units involves calculating the planetary gear stages of an entire series, which would normally be extremely time-consuming. Using the FVA-Workbench, STOBER can implement the required tasks quickly and without special programming skills.

Simplifying STOBER’s gear calculations

For the design of planetary gears, STOBER’s development team must take various geometrical restrictions into account, for instance, installation space, manufacturing and cost-efficiency, whilst characteristics such as load capacity, power loss, or vibration are largely influenced by the gear geometry. At this point, customer-specific requirements for planetary gear design can easily be integrated.

Having the ability to perform extensive calculations during gearbox design helps STOBER engineers create optimal gearbox solutions. In preparation, variable parameters such as the helix angle, module, centre distance, addendum modification and load information are defined and prepared using individual calculations for each variant. Bearing and component stiffnesses can also be included in the calculations.

Faster, more reliable and efficient product development

The FVA-Workbench has greatly simplified the integration and maintenance of STOBER’s calculation capability whilst helping them achieve performance gains in gear design. A further benefit of using this system is that they can design entire modular systems with almost limitless possibilities for comparing individual calculations. This all further improves STOBER’s ability to supply customers with gears and gearboxes of the highest quality.