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Resilient and safe in medical devices

01 May 2023

THE EASY Locking Connector from binder provides medical equipment with a robust and reliable interface.

Reliable function, safety in use, biocompatibility, and patient protection are key criteria in medical device engineering. Technical malfunctions, unstable parameters, incorrect use by medical staff or patients may cause serious complications here. In this environment, connectors are subject to the highest demands in terms of contact reliability and signal integrity, resilience of connection, and simple as well as intuitive usability.

In addition, biocompatibility and a protection degree appropriate for medical devices, including protection against contact and resistance to cleaning agents or disinfectants, are mandatory. ELC meets medical application criteria The Easy Locking Connector (ELC) of the 570 series from binder has already proven its suitability in clinical applications, but also for use in home care.

Thanks to 5000 and more mating cycles, the cable connector with snap-in locking is considered to be extremely durable and it is also particularly safe to operate. It features an asymmetrical hexagonal shape in the mating area, which prevents mismating by medical personnel or patients. Once the connection has been made, it is locked by means of a snap hook which also makes proper locking directly audible to the operator. The two-piece design of the ELC, whose assemblies are easy to join together but can only be separated by means of a special tool, also contributes to operating safety.

The Easy Locking Connector is protected to IP54 when mated. In addition, the design of the female panel mount connector prevents the ingress of splash water or liquids even when disconnected, and it protects against accidental electrical contact. The connector is easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants.

Biocompatibility of the 570 series has been tested in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 10993-5 standard. In addition, with the exception of the contact body, the connectors are free from DEHP and thus well tolerated by skin.