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3 in1 Connectivity

16 January 2013

At Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Weidmüller will be displaying three functions in one with its Omnimate Power SV/BV 7.62HP Hybrid for power, signals and EMC. Omnimate Signal - Universal device feed-through connector:

For extra convenience and cost savings during installation, this lockable device feed-through connector is not dependent on the pole count of the connector and can be quickly installed without any tools.

Omnimate Signal - 3.81: This wide product range serves as the basis for the wide scope of applications which Weidmüller is covering with its plug-in connectors for pitch 3.81mm.

With 17.5A instead of 8A, the connectors feature more than twice the current-carrying capacity possible with previous standards, giving 100% more energy without de-rating, at ambient temperatures up to 65 ̊C.

Omnimate Signal – LSF-SMD 3.5/180: The PCB terminal LSF-SMD meets the demands for fully automatic PCB assembly.

It is now possible for applications on glass, ceramic and aluminium compound based PCBs to take advantage of PUSH IN connection technology. The 3.5mm pitch and the wire outlet direction of 180 ̊ allow a high packing density with a maximum wire cross section of 1.5mm2. Stand K46