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Servo press solution

13 May 2020

The new Kistler NCFE Servo Press Solution is specifically designed for simple joining processes to deliver a cost-effective alternative to conventional pneumatic or hydraulic systems.

Compared to hydraulic or pneumatic units, the NCFE module offers impressively low energy consumption, simple handling and fast commissioning for applications in the measuring range from 10 to 80kN.

The NCFE module is a cost-effective, off-the-shelf joining system using integrated sensor technology that gives users the benefit of complete end-to-end monitoring and control of the entire joining process. Installation and handling are made much simpler, so machine builders can design custom systems which deliver low energy consumption and flexibility.

The joining process is controlled by Kistler's maXYmos NC system, which evaluates and documents the force/displacement curves for joining and press-fit processes in conjunction with the joining modules and the matching IndraDrive servo amplifier. The patterns of measurement curves can be used to monitor the quality of a single production step, a sub-assembly or an entire product, with control in real time via SERCOS III. The benefits of optimal cycle times can be achieved with maximum repeat precision. Downtime is minimised and machine availability is increased boosting productivity for the entire manufacturing process.

The Kistler NCFE module offers significantly greater efficiency than hydraulic and pneumatic joining processes. The savings potential with the electrical process is 77% compared to hydraulic and 90% compared to pneumatic joining processes. Further cost savings can be made from the minimal, maintenance needs of the NCFE system and 100% quality control in real time eliminating rejects during production.