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Siemens extends Xcelerator portfolio

12 August 2021

SIEMENS DIGITAL Industries Software has announced the release of NX Automation Designer software and NX Industrial Electrical Design software, a new suite of solutions that provide a central design application for industrial electrical and automation design.

These new tools can help manufacturers of production systems to manage design complexity, shorten development lifecycles and increase the quality of their designs. Direct integration with Teamcenter software for product lifecycle management (PLM) and the entire NX design software portfolio provides a unified multidisciplinary design environment for production systems engineering.

NX Automation Designer and NX Industrial Electrical Design provide new functions for efficient electrical and automation design of industrial equipment. Electrical engineers can complete their work faster with enhancements to connection handling and reporting, new OOTB symbols for IEC, ANSI and fluidics and 2D cabinet dimensioning. Automation engineers benefit from extended software generation capabilities for sequences and safety programs.

The latest release enables customers to get started in the world of functional design, by enabling them to start their electrical and automation design work without Teamcenter. This allows customers not looking for a complete PLM system to benefit from the electrical and automation design capabilities. By boosting engineering productivity with a new level of multi-disciplinary collaboration, NX Automation Designer addresses the growing demand for product variety from consumers by lowering businesses’ IT costs.

“Today, in order to maintain profitability, you have to realize more projects with the same number of employees. Furthermore, you need to quickly react to different in complex customer requirements,” says Karl Stieler, owner STiMA GmbH & Co. KG. “This means we need the close interaction of mechanical design, electrical design and automation technology. We are perfectly prepared for the future and its challenges on the market with this solution by Siemens.”

STiMA chose the NX platform to combine various disciplines – mechanical, electrical, and automation – into one environment to more efficiently manage projects and improve quality. With the help of NX and particularly NX Automation Designer, STiMA reduced their engineƒering time by 45% through consistent data across the different areas and a more efficient workflow. The scalability of NX benefits customers like STiMA by allowing them to start with a single module or combine different modules with each other. This is particularly notable given that the NX Automation Designer and NX Industrial Electrical Design applications can work natively (without Teamcenter) or in managed mode with Teamcenter in the background.

“Thanks to the integrated toolchain from Siemens, digitalisation is even possible in small-medium size enterprises,” says Wolfgang Schloegl, vice president digital engineering at Siemens. “Through this toolchain a significant efficiency enhancement can be achieved in particular when realising new products.”