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Stainless motors enhance hygiene & cut running costs

11 September 2018

Hygienic, easy-to-clean stainless motors and gearboxes plus high-efficiency IE4/IE5 permanent magnet motors will be exhibited by Lafert Electric Motors at the PPMA show (stand A24, Sept 25-27). In addition, the company will also be showing its IE2, IE3, single phase and brake motors.

Lafert’s ‘Marlin’ stainless steel motors are designed specifically to meet the essential hygiene requirements of the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries. IP66/69K rated, Marlin motors are proven to save money through reduced failures and consequent downtime and engineering costs. They are smooth bodied with no crevices/recesses to capture and harbour material build-up causing hygiene issues. They will not rust, nor have paint to flake-off, thereby minimising contamination risks. Being IP66/69K rated, the motors can be high-pressure hose cleaned in situ, promoting easy, effective cleaning.

Lafert’s permanent magnet high performance motors give superior performance through greater energy efficiency whilst also offering significant reduction in size by up to 2 frame sizes. In addition, they provide compliance to IE4 and IE5 efficiency requirements today. Adopting them into machine/system designs now achieves a degree of future proofing to avoid expensive redesigns later.

Non-standard designs are the standard for Lafert, with over 90% of Lafert motors being custom-engineered to meet application specific requirements. These include various combinations of special shafts, flanges, windings, mountings etc.

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