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For quick adjustments

11 September 2020

RULAND HAS expanded its line of adjustable components to include star knobs and adjustable clamping handles, giving designers a wider variety of standard components to choose from when designing machines where quick installation, adjustment, and removal is desired without the use of tools.

Star knobs are used to install, remove, and adjust equipment, fixtures, and machinery. They have an ergonomic star-shaped handle for easy gripping and a threaded stud or tapped hole to replace standard hardware; users turn the knob by hand to loosen or tighten the component as needed. Ruland star knobs are available in stainless steel knobs with stainless steel threaded components for more demanding or corrosive applications, and lightweight plastic knobs with zinc-plated steel threaded components for reduced weight and general industrial use. Star knobs are available in inch threads from #10-32 to ½ inch and metric threads from M4 to M12.

Orange adjustable clamping handles are primarily used as a visible safety mechanism that alert operators to not touch or only touch this handle. Orange handles are made from a zinc die cast lever and black oxide steel threaded component for high holding power and durability. Users lift the adjustable hand lever to turn it in either direction and release the handle to anchor it in a new position, significantly reducing the time it takes to reposition components and eliminating the need for tools such as hex keys. They are available with inch threads ranging from #10-32 to 5/8 inch and metric threads ranging from M4 to M16.