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Three key process variables - with a single sensor

11 November 2020

WITH THE latest electromagnetic flow meters from Baumer, the PF55S and PF75H/S, it is possible to measure volumetric flow, flow velocity and temperature with a single unit.

Designed for industrial applications these compact flow meters are suitable for applications with high flow velocities up to 10 m/s, with the PF75H/S capable of measuring media with a conductivity of 5 µS/cm and available in a hygienic or a robust industrial design.

When measuring these critical variables precision is paramount with millimetres making all the difference. Thanks to the design of these electromagnetic flow sensors, precision combined with long-term stable and reliable measurement is assured with accuracy of up to 0.2%. The combination of precise measurement of volumetric flow and flow velocity means tasks such as volume balancing, mixing and dosage processes can be optimised and controlled very accurately. The result is the use of valuable resources such as liquid foods, chemicals, or fresh water can be minimised, helping to save energy, generating less waste and reducing costs.

The flow meters feature coreless air coils which generate a stable, temperature independent magnetic field. This, combined with a continuous, free-flowing measurement tube without constrictions or other fittings, contributes to more efficient process control, prevents pressure loss in the system and helps to optimise the pump performance.

The familiar CombiSeries display provides all the key information needed at a single glance, even from a distance. This helps users to monitor increasingly complex process data and measured values, including the indication of alarm limits and also enables adjustments via the touch display.

This means important advantages, such as uniform operation and process monitoring across the entire CombiSeries sensor range, including temperature, pressure, conductivity and flow measurement.

These electromagnetic flow meters are available with all standard process connections for hygienic and industrial applications. Also, customised options are available, such as temperature and vacuum-resistant linings to suit more demanding media as well as a large range of pipe diameters from DN3 to DN250.