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Wireless IO-Link master & app combination

27 April 2020

Sensing and instrumentation specialist Baumer has introduced SensControl, a combination of new wireless IO-Link Master unit hardware along with a new interfacing app which allows parameterisation and viewing of IO-Link settings and outputs from Baumer IO-Link enabled sensors, using a phone or tablet.

The intelligent sensor functions of SensControl enable easy and reproducible configuration of all IO-Link devices with clearly visualized process and diagnostic data (cyclic and non-cyclic). This is possible via a mobile or tablet, thanks to the integrated WLAN, Bluetooth LE Smart communication and built-in re-chargeable battery.  

Where Baumer sensors feature SensControl, IO-Link connectivity communication is possible for up to 8 sensors. This allows for more precise sensor adjustment for each application which will be particularly appreciated when different objects need to be controlled on one machine. Another benefit is that each sensor can switch functionality, for example an inductive sensor can be used as a frequency master or counter.

Industry is becoming more aware of the benefits of sensors which incorporate IO-Link functionality, such as providing a ‘nerve pathway’ to report on things like signal quality or a temperature limit being exceeded. Also, this type of diagnostic data is important for predictive maintenance while the simultaneous transmission of different process data is also useful in many control applications.

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