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Yokogawa makes CDP Water Security A List

24 February 2020

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has made it onto CDP’s Water Security A List and Supplier Engagement Leader Board. The A listing is for the company’s sustainable water management practices and disclosure of information on these activities, and the selection to the leader board is for the company’s leadership in engaging with its suppliers around the world to reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming.

Yokogawa has formulated three goals for sustainability that it will strive to achieve by the year 2050. These call for the achievement of net-zero emissions, ensuring the well-being of all, and the establishment of a circular economy. To make the transition to a circular economy, solutions to water resource issues must be found.

To guide its efforts in this area, the company has established the number of water solutions that it provides to its customers and the amount of water used at each of its sites as key performance indicators (KPIs). Recent contributions in this area include the provision of a control system for a seawater desalination project in Peru (2018) and the provision of a digital twin-based plant simulation solution to the operators of a water treatment facility in Singapore (2019).

Regarding climate change Yokogawa provides solutions to its customers and engages in emissions reduction initiatives at its sites with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions, and is using a CO2 reduction KPI to gauge the effectiveness of its efforts.