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Accurate & stable digital manometer

27 April 2020

The adoption of pressure sensors in consumer goods and wearables, and their increasing use in industries such as automotive and medical, has led to the need for higher levels of precision pressure measurement for their development and calibration. The new Yokogawa MT300 satisfies the high accuracy measurement and long-term stability requirements of these advanced applications, with multiple models for gauge, absolute and differential pressures.

Yokogawa is not a new name in the pressure measurement industry, with over four decades of experience with transmitters for the monitoring of pressure in critical industrial applications. The MT300 now makes use of the well known proprietary silicon based resonant sensor technology, offering the high levels of accuracy and stability required for use as an international calibration transfer standard.

The MT300 has an absolute accuracy of pressure measurement of 0.01% with a guaranteed period of 12 months. With an informative, intuitive colour display and a battery powered option, it is ideally suited for an array of pressure based applications, from ventilation extraction systems to vacuum packaging and even suction cup palletising. 

Four models of the MT300 are available for gauge pressure, covering the ranges from 10 kPa to 3500 kPa. The absolute pressure model has a range of 130 kPa, while the three differential pressure models have ranges from 1 kPa to 700 kPa.

The instrument therefore meets the needs of a wide range of applications, from pressure leak testing in a vessel, to the airspeed measurement of hair dryers. Depending on the model selected, measurement intervals down to 50 ms are achievable with the /F1 option, allowing the measurement of very rapid transient pressure variations such as in applications using a differential pressure flow transmitter.

Using the High Resolution Display (/R1 option), pressure measurements can be more accurately displayed and visualized. In addition, the increased resolution, especially in calibration environments, reduces the uncertainty of the entire calibration process.

When multiple pressure variables need to be measured and recorded simultaneously, up to four MT300 units can be interconnected and synchronised to a personal computer via GP-IB, USB or Ethernet. This not only eliminates measurement variations due to fluctuating atmospheric conditions but also simplifies the entire automation process.

“We are excited to be able give our European customers even better precision pressure measurement with high accuracy and long-term stability,” says Terry Marrinan, Vice President Europe, ASEAN & Oceania, for Yokogawa’s Test & Measurement Business Unit: “Yokogawa is already appreciated as the market leader in power measurement. With the launch of the MT300, even more engineers can now benefit from our capabilities and high levels of precision and reliability.”