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Technology to help contain threat of Covid-19

26 March 2020

UK-based temperature measurement specialist, AMETEK Land, has released a fever screening thermal imaging system designed for highly accurate human body temperature measurement, which could help contain the spread of Covid-19.

The vIRalert 2 fixed thermal imaging system provides an accurate and remote surface measurement of body temperature, automatically alerting the operator to elevated temperatures.

This proven technology calibrates the thermal image with a blackbody calibration source in real-time to provide a system accuracy of better than 0.5°C and can therefore detect even small temperature changes induced by a fever. As a result, the vIRalert 2 system provides accurate and reliable skin temperature measurement for screening at point-of-entry into key facilities, like offices, factories, warehouses, schools, government buildings and any other places where infectious diseases can easily spread.

David Primhak, Director of Development and Product Management at AMETEK Land, explains: “In a world where global travel means infections can pass through populations fast, the ability to screen people for fever is a key tool in reducing the risk of disease spread. vIRalert 2 can detect fever at point-of-entry quickly and remotely, in compliance with social distancing requirements, preventing the risk of infection being transmitted between the operator and members of the public. This is cutting edge technology that could make a huge difference in protecting the population both now and in the future.

“Many thermal imagers are unable to achieve the accuracy required to detect a fever and therefore give false positive readings and low detection percentages – this means a higher chance of spreading the infection throughout the monitored area. vIRalert 2 provides accurate, traceable readings, giving mission critical operations the confidence to operate normally and safely.”

AMETEK Land’s vIRalert 2 system provides on-screen and audible alerts when a pedestrian with an elevated temperature is detected, allowing simple decision making on whether a person should be further vetted for admission without slowing pedestrian flow. Quick and easy to install, vIRalert 2 is simple to operate and works straight out of the box. It also has an automatic alert function, which reduces the potential for human error.

AMETEK Land’s vIRalert system includes: thermal imaging camera; certified blackbody source (calibrated to 38°C with power supply); connecting cables, flexible mounting options, screening software; and laptop (optional). With a typical detection distance of two metres, the system gives a field of view of 140 x 110cm from the thermal imager.

AMETEK Land has been developing high accuracy infrared temperature technology since 1947 and is renowned for operating world-leading infrared certified calibration laboratories.

For more information on the vIRalert 2 Human Body Temperature Measurement System, visit https://www.ametek-land.com/products/ir-thermal-imagers-and-line-scanners/viralert2-human-body-temperature-measurement-system.