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Intelligent pump control

14 January 2019

Wanner has introduced intelligent pump control for its Hydra-Cell pumps that it claims will generate significant savings while improving machined part quality.

High pressure coolant pumps are traditionally set to accommodate the tool in the carousel with the largest coolant flow requirement. When tools with smaller orifices are employed, the unneeded coolant is returned to the supply tank through a bypass valve. This system is wasteful of power, heats up the coolant unnecessarily and reduces the life of the pump itself.

Hydra-Cell Intelligent Pump control (patent pending) is an open loop system without pressure gauges and complex electrical feedback loops. It delivers just the right flow of coolant to maintain the required system pressure, regardless of tool size.

As well as reducing the power requirement, coolant chillers can be smaller and consume less energy. Pump stress is reduced, extending the life of the pump and the whole operation is quieter as the pump speed is reduced.

Although it is generally considered adequate to keep the pressure constant and vary the flow according to the tool orifice size, on some occasions (tools with smaller coolant orifices) it is necessary to increase the pressure in order to optimise the cooling capacity.

The Hydra-Cell Intelligent Pump offers ultimate controllability and can be programmed to produce individual pressures for each tool in the carousel if required, delivering coolant exactly when it’s needed in the exact quantity, at the exact pressure while eliminating the need for coolant bypass.

High pressure coolant is proven to reduce costs and increase machining productivity. Hydra-Cell Intelligent Pumps help achieve and enhance these savings with the “lowest cost of ownership’ high pressure coolant solution, with ultimate controllability.