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Connector for Industry 4.0

31 October 2022

WEIDMULLER'S OMNIMATE 4.0 addresses the demands of device connectivity for the IIoT and is the universal solution for an efficient device creation process. The modular product design allows maximum flexibility which can be exploited via the digital and web-based configurator to design the right plug-in connector for the specific application.

All the essential engineering data is available immediately and even individual product variants are ready to ship after three days. With the platform concept and integrated interfaces like the Single Pair Ethernet, OMNIMATE 4.0 is equipped for the future today. The innovative and ultra-fast SNAP IN connection system takes wiring to a new level of speed and efficiency and enables fully automated wiring processes.

OMNIMATE 4.0 combines three innovations: the ultra-fast SNAP IN connection system, a modular configurable product design that can configure hybrid and integrated interfaces, and the fastest possible delivery, where even customised products are ready to ship within three days.

Electrical devices must meet increasing requirements and are therefore becoming more and more powerful with increasing functional density. This leads to greater complexity in the development of such devices where, despite all the challenges, the time-to-market should be as short as possible.

This is a universal solution with a modular system of PCB plug-in connectors that can also be digitally configured based on individual requirements. The modular product design of the system offers a wide range of combination options for the transmission of power, signals and data. The relevant plug-in connector can be easily assembled online in accordance with the specific requirements and transferred directly into the design with the available engineering data. Moreover, OMNIMATE® 4.0 incorporates the quick and easy SNAP IN connection system in a device plug-in connector. As they are supplied with an open connection point, even flexible, fine-wire conductors can be connected without crimped-on wire end ferrules and with no additional preparation. OMNIMATE® 4.0 therefore enables automated, industrial wiring.