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27 October 2021

Wherever pressure sensors are needed, a solution can normally be found in the KELLER standard product catalog.

However, there are often great benefits to optimising a product specifically for integration and use in existing complete systems. In addition to outwardly identifiable components such as housing parts or plugs, this also includes the inner workings of the sensor. We produce a large number of individual parts in-house and establish close working relationships with our suppliers, enabling us to make a wide variety of modifications with ease.

Shared Expertise for the Perfect Sensor Solutions

Our customers are specialists in their field: they know the requirements and operating conditions best. Since 1974, KELLER has been harnessing the potential of piezoresistive sensor technology to see numerous challenging projects through to completion. In all of these projects, a mutual exchange of expertise was essential to their success. Sharing our knowledge is what enables us to find the best sensor solution.

Even applications that may appear trivial at first glance can prove highly complex upon closer analysis. By taking the actual usage conditions of the sensor into consideration right from the outset, we can achieve major improvements in effectiveness and durability. And this holds true whatever the application – from fill level sensors in rainwater tanks to ultra-precise laboratory instruments, and even rocket science.

No matter the task at hand, the expert advice from our sales engineers and developers is a vital piece of the puzzle. Whether an existing product can be used – possibly with suitable modifications – or a new development is needed depends entirely on the customer's project. Together, we look at the requirements to determine the properties needed for flawless measurement. Armed with many years of experience, we take a close look at all the factors involved and their various interdependencies.

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