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Standard & customised depth & temperature products from KELLER

01 June 2020

The ocean is extremely important to reducing climate change. It serves as a major heat and carbon sink; absorbing 25% of all CO² emitted by fossil fuel burning and 93% of all excess heat in the earth’s system.

Rising global temperatures is increasing the sea level, temperature and currents. The rise in sea levels is affecting low lying coastal regions all over the world as they are subject to more frequent flooding from storm surges. Typhoons, tropical cyclones, and hurricanes and all draw their energy from the warm surface layer of the ocean, and the shift in ocean currents is affecting ocean ecosystems and the health of marine species.

It is not all doom and gloom though as all of these changes can be monitored and measured by science. KELLER has a range of standard and customised depth and temperature products that can accurately measure depth to ±0.01%FS over -5… 35°C with a resolution of 0.001%FS. For example, on a 100m range you have an accuracy of ±10mm and a resolution of ±2mm. These products enable OEM marine system manufacturers to provide accurate and reliable data in all marine environments.

They are used by many leading oceanographic companies in applications such as… ocean sampling devices, underwater ROV’s, sonar transponders, submarine navigation systems, and diving applications.

The LX series is a fully customisable product, ideal for oceanographic use. Available in any Pressure ranges up to 1000bar measuring to ±0.01%FS over -5… 35°C; sensors materials available in Titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel or Stainless Steel; digital outputs of RS485, TTL, I²C or SDI-12.

Please contact KELLER UK for further information visit https://keller-druck.com/en/company/subsidiaries/united-kingdom