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New monobloc cabinet range

29 August 2013

Complementing its established range of ENUX Modular cabinets, ETA enclosures has introduced EMOX, its monobloc cabinet range.

A direct replacement for ATB8 cabinets, the EMOX range offers 27 standard stock sizes and utilises the full potential of ENUX optional modular components bringing a high degree of choice and design flexibility to the customer. 

New design features include a ‘lift style’ lock mechanism, along with optional profiles that allow total integration with the modular cabinet range of accessories.  With both EMOX monobloc and ENUX modular cabinets using the same range of accessories, a reduced stockholding of components provides a good cost saving.

A two colour paint trim complements the new standard mounting and base plate assembly, providing a high aesthetic product which, says the company, fits in well with today’s high-tech process industry.

EMOX monobloc cabinets also offer plain or glazed door configurations with protection being IP66 for single and IP55 for double doors.

Using ETA’s ‘assemble-to-order’ programme, cabinets can be shipped with pre-fitted accessories and alternative paint colours, plus an in-house machining service provides a quick turnaround for push-button holes and cut-outs for filter and fan assemblies.