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DesignSpark Mechanical: the affordable, accessible 3D design solution for design bottlenecks

13 November 2013

As the worlds of electronic and mechanical design converge, forcing greater collaboration across the engineering disciplines, there is evidence of a major bottleneck in the mechanical design process that can add weeks or more to a build.

For machine and panel builders, delays can begin even earlier in the project as a bid model, or mock-up, is often created using out-dated 2D software, or in some cases with old-fashioned pen and paper. This stifles the creativity of smaller companies that have little time to create concepts from scratch, and means they are rapidly losing out to their larger CAD-enabled rivals.

Enter DesignSpark Mechanical, the new 3D design tool co-developed by RS and SpaceClaim. Based on a direct modelling technology that uses simple gestures for editing and instant feedback, this highly intuitive free software uses just four basic tools – Pull, Move, Fill, Combine – to quickly and easily achieve basic designs.

The software’s simplicity and affordability makes 3D design accessible to all engineers, regardless of experience or budget. DesignSpark Mechanical can also be used alongside traditional feature-based 3D CAD tools to create early concept designs, and its STL output format enables direct export of designs to 3D printers.

DesignSpark Mechanical is available for free download from www.designspark.com/mechanical. This new software, coupled with an online library of more 38,000 3D models in 24 formats, sets RS apart as a provider of unique time-saving 3D design solutions for the entire engineering community.