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110kW to 4MW large electric drives

04 December 2013

Addressing demands for energy efficiency and safety, even at high levels of power, Bosch Rexroth has developed developed a new range of Large Electric Drives covering 110kW to 4MW.

The new drives are said to open up numerous opportunities to users for improving energy efficiency, such as through power regeneration. At the same time, the Safety on Board safety functions integrated in the drives ensure the optimal protection of man and machine.

The new drives leverage the expertise of the Rexroth 4EE system. They are optimised in terms of efficiency, function according to demand, and have the ability to provide energy recovery. In multi-axis systems, the drives enable the use of braking energy within the drive assemblage via a DC-bus coupling. Moreover, excess energy can be fed back into the network.

Users can capitalise on further savings potential with concepts for static and rotational energy storage as well as the Smart Energy Mode software function. In addition, air and liquid cooling systems offer different ways of dissipating and using waste heat.

Rexroth offers the Large Electric Drives in performance degrees of 110kW to 500kW. Through a parallel connection of up to 8 devices, it is possible to achieve a drive power of up to 4MW.