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All-in-one safety gate

14 August 2014

New from Pilz, the PSENsgate 2 safety gate system combines safety gate monitoring (for prevention of unexpected startup), safe guard locking (to prevent access while hazards are present), various control elements, an emergency stop pushbutton (E-stop) and escape release (for personnel who become trapped in the hazardous area) all in one system, up to the highest category PL e as per EN ISO 13849-1 (BS EN ISO 13849-1 in the UK).

The robust, over-dimensioned bolt (or tongue) that forms part of the handle locking mechanism is a hybrid heavy-duty metallic bolt with an associated RFID coded element that communicates with the bi-stable locking shot-bolt in the switch body; in the unlikely event of the bolt breaking it will be detected and safety is assured to PL e.

This also guarantees the highest level of protection against defeat or manipulation, which is becoming an increasingly important topic with the publication of EN ISO 14119.

The Pilz PSENsgate 2 is available with a wide range of systems and optional control elements including pushbuttons, key switches, illuminated pushbuttons, section stop, and functions such as emergency stop or escape release. In conjunction with safe control technology, such as the Pilz PNOZmulti configurable control system, the result is a complete, safe and economical system for safety gate monitoring.