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NFPC & Balluff join forces

23 April 2015

To improve industry skills and knowledge across the electronics and hydraulics sector, Balluff has joined forces with the National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC).

John Savage, Director of the NFPC said: "The hydraulics industry has evolved significantly over the last ten years; machinery reliability and performance efficiency have become more important to maintain cost-effectiveness, whilst businesses are more conscious of energy use and safety. To achieve these goals marrying electronics with hydraulics and pneumatics is crucial.  

"However, the industry has not been able to up-skill as fast as the machinery has developed, so we’re left with a knowledge gap. The needs and demands in the world of engineering are ever changing and so hydraulic and pneumatic engineers need to adapt with it, and learning about electronics is key to that as integrated systems become the ‘norm’.”

NFPC recently hosted an open day for people in the industry to learn more about current innovations. Experts from across the industry gave insight into intelligent control as an essential technology in hydraulics and the latest innovations, and wide ranging applications in hydraulic cylinder control, for example.

Savage added: "Events like these are really important to make sure existing engineers and the engineers of the future are up to speed with the latest innovations in technology and how these can be put into practice.” 

Sensors specialist Adrian Sorsby, from Balluff, who presented on innovative solutions in hydraulic actuator control, explained: "Because the applications for linear feedback sensors in the hydraulics industry can be so wide ranging, for many engineers matching the right sensor to the application can be a daunting task.

"Therefore it’s important to us to engage with current and future engineers to help inform, educate and make their day-to-day duties as practical and easy as possible. We provide not only the equipment they need to do their job, but also the guidance and advice needed to do it as efficiently as possible.”