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Labfacility L300 8 channel digital thermometer/logger/alarm/on-off controller

28 April 2015

The new L300 multi-function temperature monitor from Labfacility provides 8-channel measurement and logging with 8 relay outputs for alarm or control switching.

The 8 independent relay outputs are fully configurable for total versatility and provide 10A/ 250V changeover contacts. Output modes include high, low and band alarm and on-off control. Hysteresis and band values are user set.

The l300 can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate, versatile 8 channel temperature measurement, scanning and logging of measured values. It can also be used as a 'standalone' 8-channel indicator / logger and incorporates a digital display of measured temperature.

The self-calibration facility for the thermocouple version is a rapid and convenient method for on-site calibration and does not require any additional equipment other than a special, external link which is provided with the instrument. Self-calibration of Pt100 ranges is equally simple and uses plug-in precision resistors.

The L300 is designed to provide exceptional stability with high measurement resolution and represents an ideal crossover between plant practicality and laboratory performance at a very competitive price.

The PC software supplied with the instrument allows control, measure, charting, logging and calibration functions in addition to relay configuration.

The eight input channels accept thermocouples type J, K, T, E, N, R, S & B or Pt100 2 or 3 wire sensors; the thermocouple version incorporates highly stable, automatic cold junction compensation.

Resolution is 0.01˚C and accuracy is ±0.01˚C for Pt100, ±0.02˚C for thermocouples with a resolution of 0.1˚C. The integral, backlit LCD display can indicate selected channels or automatically scroll through all inputs. The measured temperature can be displayed in degrees C or F. Communications are provided via a USB port.

The  L300 is CE marked, RoHS compliant and has a two year warranty.

Buy online at https://www.labfacility.com/bench-top-instruments/