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HMIs continue to expose new applications in new markets

07 July 2015

IDEC’s family of operator interfaces provides the user with an enhanced display and an array of communication functions.
The HG family stretches from 4.6" to 12.1" where the colour models each boast a TFT crisp bright screen in the 5.7", 8.4", 10.4" and 12.1" versions.

The Operator Interfaces (OIs) follow the IDEC trend of being the brightest in their class (8.4": 600 cd/m2, 10.4": 700 cd/m2) thanks to our leading LED know how.

Loaded with features and functions the new OIs make system enhancement simple:

  • Combination of LED backlight and dimming function allows for the best brightness, while assuring a long service life (60,000 hours minimum)
  • 65,536 colors provide high-quality display
  • More than 7,000 graphic images available in the outstanding IDEC image library provide high-quality display
  • High-speed 400MHz CPU and IDEC’s unique software technology achieve fast start-up and speed of operation (3 seconds)
  • USB port adopted for maintenance port provide fast USB2.0 communication, allowing for saving time for downloading and uploading project data
  • IDEC’s high-speed 115.2kbps O/I link communication can connect a maximum of 16 HG3Gs to a PLC without O/I link unit
  • Ethernet port and SD card slot on all models, allowing for remote data maintenance without PCs, enhancing the ease of maintenance
  • USB flash memory or SD card allow for copying user data easily. 
SD card allows for user ladder program transfer easily to MicroSmart (IDEC programmable controllers) connected to HG3Gs
  • A maximum of two expansion MicroSmart I/O modules can be mounted, making it possible to perform simple I/O control, resulting in cost-down for the whole system by labor-saving, space-saving and less number of peripheral equipment
  • Audio output port can be used for the alarm applications, using the speakers externally installed
  • 12MB user memory built-in
  • Use of USB panel-mount cable lets you work on data maintenance directly, without opening the control cabinet, reducing the debugging time on the spot
  • UV resistant protective sheet is optionally available
  • IP66, UL, c-UL and CE.

Stephen Schiller, IDEC’s UK MD, comments: "The HGnG holds IDEC’s position in the OI market, which has gained ground on the competition over the past few years thanks to our HG1F (4.6" mono) and HG2G (5.7" colour or mono) OIs. This family of screens has pushed us further into the machine, process and system builders in the UK, especially the environmental and food industries as the HGnG offers IP66 rating and excellent screen resolution. We are enjoying great things with this product and its success has also lead onto increasing PLC sales associated with the OI application. This is due to the simplification of the maintenance function and good communication options including Ethernet enabled 'web-server' PLC and Ethernet connectivity to the OI."