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Compact inspection equipment

22 July 2015

Loma Systems will be highlighting its wide range of food industry metal detection, checkweighing and x-ray inspection equipment at the PPMA show. The company will be focusing on its latest compact models with the newly launched X5c (Compact) X-ray unit on display for the first time in the UK.

Responding to the growing demand for a more cost-effective yet highly functional X-ray machine, the X5c is aimed at food manufacturers, processors and packers running multi-product, retail ready lines keen to make the switch to X-ray technology for the first time. Loma’s CW3 Compact Combination Checkweighing and Metal Detection unit will also be on stand.

With retailers’ Codes of Practice and the latest BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 increasingly specifying the use of X-ray over other methods of contaminant inspection, Loma’s revolutionary X5c reduces the cost of ownership of X-ray inspection technology by an industry beating 30%. It represents significant investment by Loma in developing a fully specified system that offers high quality contaminant and product integrity inspection using a number of well-proven tools in a streamlined, extra slim design.

In line with CFR21 part 11 traceability, Loma’s new X5c is multilevel password protected for improved data management, which means the system can log events against individual operators. Produced from brushed stainless steel, it also offers an ultra-hygienic design for easy cleaning and low maintenance and serviceability. A quick release belt can be completely removed without the need for tools or the belt tension can be eased for cleaning. The X5c also has sloping surfaces to stop food particles and washdown droplets accumulating in crevices and to reduce drying time.

Ideal for the detection of glass, calcified bone, rubber, stone as well as ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal in various packaging, Loma’s X5c operates at line speeds up to 50 metres per minute and measures just one metre in length. It is capable of handling products up to 100mm (height) x and 300mm (width) but weighing no more than 3kg – making it ideal for the inspection of ready meal lines in particular.

With significant energy saving benefits and providing the best balance of processing power to inspection, the X5c incorporates a detector array with 0.8mm diode pitch offering a low power and self-contained high efficiency X-ray generator. A simple, effective cooling mechanism ensures long tank life.

Loma’s CW3 Compact Combination Checkweighing and Metal Detection unit offers up to 30% smaller footprint than similar systems and ensures high levels of quality assurance by providing superior and reliable product inspection for food businesses with limited production space. It features a convenient modular design which saves valuable line space and ensures continuous operation. The system can adapt to a wide range of different products because of its true variable frequency metal detection and versatile checkweighing capabilities.

The CW3 Compact Combo features the superior performance and accuracy of a CW3 checkweigher with the high detection performance of an IQ3 metal detector. The checkweigher measures product weights quickly and precisely, with a specially developed diverter rejecting "out of tolerance” products, while the metal detector consistently detects and rejects contaminated items.

The high speed and accuracy of Loma’s CW3 Compact Combo, coupled with the easy to use multi lingual and integrated colour graphical touch screen interface with dual controls for both machines, makes product change fast and simple. This also speeds up data entry and operator training, reduces possible user error and increases productivity.

With true variable frequency, the metal detector can automatically calibrate new products and packaging within seconds. Plus frequency data for many different products can be stored for added ease of operation and optimum sensitivity. The versatile checkweigher is capable of weighing a wide range of flexible and rigid packs up to 6kg. The CW3 Compact Combo is available in line heights from 700mm to 1200mm and total system lengths from 1610mm to 2100mm and is capable of inspecting up to 80 packs per minute. Stand B60