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New Busbar System Ri4Power 185mm for safe & quick switchgear

18 September 2015

Protecting people who work with electrical switchgear is clearly of paramount importance. Their guaranteed safety can often only be achieved through the use of tested and standardised products and equipment. But the switchgear components must also be tailored to individual needs, and be simple and quick to make and assemble. Rittal addresses all these considerations within its busbar system “Ri4Power 185mm” and its new (Version 6.3) of the Rittal Power Engineering software.

Energy distribution in industrial plants and buildings often depends on the subsequent use of the power supply, which means distribution is typically individually configured within different outlet circuits - although users can still expand or convert their energy supplies at a later date if required.

It goes without saying that energy distribution must always be safe and comply with the statutory requirements, and this is integral to the new "Ri4Power 185mm” busbar system.

This clever modular system consists of standardised and tested products which all meet the requirements of IEC 61 439 for low-voltage switchgear assemblies with design verification.Its smart design is a notable strong point. It is easy to assemble with a modular configuration and ideally adapted to the Rittal TS 8 bayed enclosure.

To help support both planning and configuration, Rittal Power Engineering has been extended to include another program module for the "Ri4Power 185mm” within its latest version (6.3).